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If you would like to send a general query to the public EnvO mailing list, please subscribe here. This open mailing list is the best place to post general questions or comments for discussion in the wider EnvO community. Please note, your posts will be stored in publicly accessible archives.

New term requests? Definition queries? Enhancements? Defects?
If you would like to request new terms and synonyms, suggest an enhancement, or report a defect, please use our GitHub issue tracker .

When contributing terms, please keep definitions in the form:
         "A =def. a B that Cs"
where A and B are (proposed) EnvO terms and C is some property or set of properties of A which differentiates it from all other children of B [1].

[1] Smith B, Ashburner M, Rosse C, Bard J, Bug W et al.(2007). The OBO Foundry: coordinated evolution of ontologies to support biomedical data integrationNat Biotech25: 1251 - 1255.

For example, if we have a term in an ontology that defines "chair", to add a term "red chair" we would propose a definition like:
    "red chair =def. A chair that is red"

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